Turn your vision into a reality.


Starting a Nonprofit Doesn't Have to Feel like Rocket Science.


Heroes for Hire supports and arms potential social leaders with resources to make their ideas of change a reality. We are driven to help others succeed because the need is dire and the key could be you. Founding a nonprofit can be complex, but all you need is a dream - we will take care of the rest.

Neils is both motivating and very well-equipped regarding the nonprofit process. He is constantly positive and energetic, which serves a great motivation to keep going.
— Whitney Parnell, Service Never Sleeps
Neils is very knowledgeable, passionate and thorough in his work. His years of experience allows him to take your vision and make it reality.
— Rwenshaun Miller, Eustress Inc.
What can I say about Neils that hasn’t already been said about rainbows, sliced bread, and Barack Obama?!? In all seriousness, Neils is a delight to work alongside and with his approachable, congenial demeanor, he is able to help others see those same strengths within themselves.
— Donovan Livingston, Wake Forest University - College LAUNCH for Leadership
My favorite part of working with Heroes for Hire is Neils’ creativity, attention to detail and making sure the project is done in a timely manner.
— Sherri L. Moore, West Mecklenburg CTE AOHT & AOBE

There's a plan for everyone.